Jungle “Rabbits”….and a new shipping policy

So today I took a much needed break away from Kelly Kottage to take our almost four year old little boy to our local water park, Jungle Rapids, or as he calls it Jungle “Rabbits”.   Although I am very much working (and so is he, just not getting paid for it) my husband, Bryan, is on a “stay”cation this week.   We had decided that we were going to use one of these days to take Banks on this fun family outing.  We were just as excited about it as he was…..it was perfect weather and even more perfect company.  It was just one of those all around really good days that can never be replaced.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the day with this little cutie?

Aviary Photo_130202920346611606

But not unlike any other day of tossing around new ideas for Kelly Kottage, today while sliding down waterslides, wading in kiddie pools, and eating nachos (my how our lives have changed;)) we decided to implement a new flat rate shipping policy….$4.95 for all domestic shipments, FREE shipping for all purchases over $100.  I have not been satisfied with our policy up until now, but needed to keep researching and digging in to decide what the best option would be for not only Kelly Kottage, but most importantly, our customers.   So that no matter how little or how much you spend, this will be a little more friendly to your wallet.

Let’s face it, Kelly Kottage is still very much a work in progress and who knows….we may change it again tomorrow.  This is just one, of I know many many more improvements, that we’ll be making for Kelly Kottage so please, hang in there with us!

So as I sit here tonight as usual, at my desk, processing the days accomplishments and making my list of tomorrow’s to dos, I can’t help but think that everyone needs a little Jungle “Rabbits” in order to step back and put the things that are really most important in our lives into perspective…..it certainly did for me;).

Aviary Photo_130202923851579903


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