ANNOUNCEMENT Ready…Set…CLICK It’s been a long while coming



It’s been a long while coming but I am thrilled to share with each of you my new online boutique, Kelly Kottage.   We are an online collection of what’s trending in accessories, apparel, gifts, home decor and so much more!

  • Along with so much more, we offer children’s gifts & apparel, bags/totes, women’s clothing, beachwear, jewelry, and home décor/accessories within chic product lines from all price points.   We want to provide the latest trends with an added flair of the unique variety.
  • Complimentary monogramming for items that are purchased from Kelly Kottage
  • Embroidery/monogramming services for our local customers on items that have been purchased elsewhere.
  • Embroidery services for athletic organizations, businesses, and schools!
  • COMING SOON – Among other things, we have particular interest in being a baby & wedding gift one stop shop including gift wrap and delivery; in person for local and shipping for out of the Wilmington area.  We will be rolling this out over the coming weeks so stay tuned for more details.

I’ve been grinding away for the past many months planning, researching, shopping, researching some more, shopping some more, and I can now say that I am ready to get this thing going! Don’t get me wrong… is still very much a work in progress.  We have sooooo many products that are being added on a daily basis so you’ll have to check back often to see the newest arrivals!  There will still be kinks to work out within the website as we launch so please let us know if you have any questions at all.


Now for you — my family and friends — of course I would love for you to shop with us, but what would be even better is for you to be a champion for Kelly Kottage and help spread the word.  Since we are online, our opportunities are limitless as far as geographical demographics so we want our reach to be far and wide!  Let’s face it, social media is the backbone of marketing success, so we will be very active on Facebook, Pinterest, as well as our blog so please please please LIKE and SHARE our page while encouraging your friends to do the same.  We will return the favor by offering the opportunity for you and anyone who LIKES and SHARES our page to win a lovely Floating Name Necklace or fabulous Canvas Striped Travel Bag (monogrammed of course if you would like)  See FB for details and pictures.  We will frequently run specials so follow closely so you don’t miss out!


Thank you in advance for your support for without you, this absolutely would not be possible.  I am not promising perfection in the coming weeks or months but I do promise a no less than perfect effort to keep Kelly Kottage the go to resource of your embroidery, gifting, and shopping needs.   Remember that we are updating our products daily.  If there is something that you would like to see offered I would love to hear from you!  If you don’t see something specific that you are looking for, let me know….there is a good chance that I already have it or can get it easily.  If you have things around the house that need personalizing, let me know we can do that too!

If you have even half of the fun following us and shopping at Kelly Kottage as I have had putting it all together, then my work will be worthwhile.    It’s only just beginning and I am ready for wherever this journey may lead.  Thanks again and happy sharing (and shopping)!!


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